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PostSubject: ****TIPS FOR BEGINNERS****   Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:46 pm

I highly recommend the Fallen Sword plugin for FireFox.FireFox plugin allows you to
attack and move by using the keyboard, and helps you while putting buffs and sending messages
much faster.You can attack multiple creatures. Hit the number keys as fast as you can. You will
then fight multiple creatures although it will only show the last combat. This makes leveling much
faster .Click M on the World View to open a map of the area in a new tab. I always do this in
a new map to check for quests or Relics.Click R after each fight to repair your items and it will
also take you back to the world map. You can also use R as a very fast refresh in the World View.
To buff or send a message Right Click on a Fallen Sword Window and select Activate Skill or Send Message.
Put in the characters name in the Target Player Box (if you right click on a link to a character it
will automatically put in their name). You can buff or send a message to multiple people. In the
Target Player box put all the names you want to buff/send messages separated by commas.

Every time you go up a level you get 2 Level up points you can use to improve
Attack, Defense, Armor, Damage or Hit Points.try to put all your levelup points on damage.
After level 140 1 hit kills are rare so monsters will always get an attack on you. That makes Armor
more important. Around level 100 build up Armor so you will be ready when you can't
1 hit kill anymore.I don't recommend putting points into Defense. Very few pieces of equipment or
items give a Defense bonus. Most give an Armor bonus so it makes sense to improve
Armor over Defense. The Guild Bonus we get on Hit Points is very good so more Hit Points aren't
really necessary.If you can't decide where to put your points, save them up. You will not lose them.
Once you will use those points , you can't get those skill points back unless you do a reset which costs 50 FSP.

When you start the game you get 5 Skill Points and you get 5 Skill Points every time you go up a level.
You can put 100 points into a skill. Every 50 levels you gain the maximum points in a skill
goes up by 5. So at level 50 you can put 105 points in a skill, level 100 you can have 110,
level 150 you can have 115, ETC.Try to complete one buff at a time. A bunch of buffs with
10 Skill Points on each are not as useful as 1 skill at level 100.if you can't decide, save them up.
You will not lose them.When you will move to higher level it will help you.
For example: Adept Learner is available at level 25. I had saved 100 points so when I reached level
25 I was able to cast Adept Learner at skill Level 100 as soon as I rached level25.
Once you already used your points that means, you can't get those skill points back unless you
reset them for 100 FSP.

When you begin hunting (also called leveling and training),when you hunt use a MAP so that
you don't waste you stamina.Look for areas that have many monsters with high xp. Use the Where
to Hunt page, it will help you to understand what creatures you need to kill for higher xp gain.
Levels below 140, try to get 1 hit kills.Levels over 140, try to get 1-2 hit kills if possible.Remember
to ALWAYS repair your items.If you do not want to watch the battle - Set the Combat Display Speed to
"Instant", This can be edited in Character - Preferences, under Combat Display Speed. Also you can
click on "Back to World" as soon as you start the battle. This will save you time, since battles
are default or you can say pre-determind.
The shortest way to get to a new world if there is no portal nearby.Go into Personal Preferences.
Click on Instant Portal back to Krul Island.Click on Krul Beach.From Krul Beach go to Vargas Dungeon.
Use the portal is in Vargas Dungeon to get to the new realm.
Attack inactive players (more than 30 days idle) when doing PvP. If they don't play they
can't put a bounty on you. This is the way I recommend gaining PvP. I personally don't
think attacking active players is a good way to gain PvP because they can attack you back
or bounty you.If you do attack an active player return all the gold the player lost along with a little
extra (for experience they lost) and send them a message explaining you attacked them for
PvP.You can also take bounty's on people with high PVP and use 10 stamina attacks. Return all the
gold the player lost along with a little extra (for experience they lost).
Do not carry a lot of gold on you.Other wise other players can attack you for gold.Here are
some tips to keep the amount of gold you have on you low.


1.If you have a lot of gold you can make a deposit to your bank acount then send some gold to the
Guild Founder or trusted Member and they will deposit it in the guild for you. Send them a message telling them
the gold you sent them is for the guild.
2.Send the gold to the Guild Founder or a Member on you trust. They will hold it for you until you want it back.
Send them a message asking them to hold on to the gold for you.
3.If you have over 100k gold buy a Fallen Sword Point. You can always sell it in the market place
if you need gold again.
4.If you are selling something for gold make sure the auction will be ending when you normally play.
If you get 200k for an item and the auction ends while you are sleeping, you probably won't have all
that gold the next time you play because you will probably get attacked.
5.If you get bountied while you are online send your gold to another player that is online or to the
Guild Founder or Council Member. That way you won't lose all your gold to Bounty Hunters.[img][/img]
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