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PostSubject: RAPID LEVELING STRATEGY   Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:24 am

Very Happy


OK,most of you this may be old news but, I hope it help out some of you so have a look over this strategy .Some of you won't like this strategy because its completely overlooks certain aspects of the game.I hope that it will help you but, it is the best way I have found to level extremely fast.Specially the players who are new in this game .

Few things which you should keep in mind before hunting are:
First thing you have to do is figure out a way so that you can kill as many monsters as possible.
  1. The best way to do that is to make sure that when you attack monster you should be able to kill in one hit because it will help you to save stamina and will help you level up more faster.
  2. Let's move on how to get a point where you can kill monster in one hit. Basically, you need to find equipment that contain the highest damage.Here is the link you can you stats click to calculate your stats .If you put your points in other areas like , armor, HP , defense then you find difficult to level up when you get to the higher levels.
  3. Try also to put all your base stats points on damage .Damage is a very important stat in the game.If you want to level up quickly you should maximize your base points in damage.

Second thing you need to do is figure out whether you can kill the monster or not.
  1. " DEFENSE " -:If you want to kill the enemy in one hit Your attack should be higher than defense by about ten percent.if the oponent defense is more higher than your attack that means you will miss the hit and also you will loose extra stam.But you can increase you attack just by making some changes or adjustments in your items.
  2. " ARMOR AND HP "-: Next point is you need to look at the armor and HP of your enemy. This is where damage can help you . Your damage must be higher than ARMOR+HP to kill it in one hit.So that means the damage and attacks of the enemy does't matter much.You don't need to worry very much about defense and armor. In fact,you only need one of them.

**The way these stats work is like this.Defense makes it more difficult to be hit that means the enemy can't hit you easily.But, you need to keep in mind that either your defense is higher than the enemy's attack or that your armor/hp is higher than their damage, otherwise they will kill you in one hit.

**One more important thing you need to remember is you should try to hunt only when your stamina is full that means use your stam properly.If you find yourself short on time there are several ways you can increase your hunting speed:
  1. Try to use the short cut keys right click+t if you are using mozilla.Just click the monster you want to attack and also for repairing. This will save your time. I have learned shortcuts from my girlfriend lolz ...^_^ thanks to her.
  2. A doubler buff is another way to make work more easier and effective.

Remember, if you are new in game you should always have level 100 above Adept Learner, Librarian and Treasure Hunter buff activated on you when you are hunting.

I know that this method is not for everyone but it will help you in someways

Have a nice day all ^_^
Very Happy

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PostSubject: joining   Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:14 pm

Where are you from?:Florida
Languages spoken:English

Character name:Ferraria15
Character level:3 almost 4
Character Upgrades:none yet
Maximum Stamina:500
Hourly Stamina Gain:50

Number of Auctions:standard
Number of Inventory Slots:standard
Number of Secure Trades:standard
Number of Bank Deposits:1
Recent guild (if any):none

Goals in this game?:work my way up to the top
How often do you play:just started today
Have you read our rules?:yes
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