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PostSubject: MORE AKATSUKI HISTORY   Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:50 pm

Long ago, during the times of the creator of the Ninja World, The Village Hidden In The Leaves was being established.
During these times a woman from the Hyuuga Clan fell in love with an outsider. They decided to elope. What this woman didnt know was that this man was Sojobo, the King of Tengu. Her and Sojobo got married and had two kids, Madara Uchiha and his brother. These two were always challenging each other to become greater and stronger than the other. They both diluted their Byakugans into Sharingans. Then they both took it a step further and gained the Mangekyo Sharingan. But, gradually, their newfound eyes began to fail them. Madara tried everything to regain the light but nothing worked. One day, out of desperation, he stole his brothers eyes and the darkness never came again. But he did not know of his fathers evil intentions. Sojobo wanted a new body - a perfect body. And who better than someone created from his own blood. Anyways, Madara became the leader of the Uchihas, conquering all other clans until one day faced with the Senju Clan of the Forest. The two clans realized the others powers. they formed an alliance and started talking about forming a village. Now it was around this time that Sojobo decided to take Madaras body for himself. Unfortunately for him, Madara found out and eventually decided that he needed absolute power. He decided to go to Kyuubi because no matter how strong he was, he'd be no match for the King of Tengu. Kyuubi was impressed with Madara and decided to help him. Eventually, Madara did fight with Sojobo but won by a hairs breath. He couldnt finish him off so he sealed him away. This seal needed the Kyuubi and 3 Uchiha. One Uchiha would perform Tsukuyomi on the seal, while another performs Amaterasu, while another performs Susano'o. An offering of Kyuubi Charka would be required. Anyways, when Shodai found out about Madaras pact with Kyuubi, he just lost it. He challenged Madara to a fight over control of their village and, of course, Madara didnt bother explaining about Sojobo because he didnt want anyone to know he was a half-demon. Madara lost and ran off. Madara was constantly on the move, not staying in one place for too long. On his travels, who should the creator of Uchiha meet other than the creator of the Ninja World, Rikudou Sennin. Of course, a God like Rikudou would know what was happening anywhere, so naturally he knew about Sojobo. He offered Madara to travel with him. Around the middle of these travels, Madara and Rikudou were in their prime. Madara now knew everything of the Rin'negan, while Rikudou Sennin knew everything of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. One day Madara decides he has learned all he can from Rikudou Sennin and wants to exact his revenge on Konoha. Rikudou leaves him with these words, "Madara, my greatest student, use your regained light to show you the way and should you ever come across the one with the same eyes as me, teach him his own Nindo." They then parted ways. with revenge the only thing on Madaras mind. He went to the outskirts of Konoha and brough forth the Kyuubi. Then he set it on Konoha. But suddenly, he remembers that inside the city walls remains a clan who betrayed and accepted Shodai as king. He would go in and kill them all. But he couldnt. He needed to take the two most talented Uchiha for his own. He had to release Sojobo after all. Therefore, he infiltrated the village during the rampage and visited a certain someone who he was hearing a lot of talk about. He kidnapped Itachi Uchiha and told him the secrets of the clan. He told Itachi that he's already a genius, all he has to do is follow his path and he could be invincible. Itachi started training to gain power the way Madara had and steadily gained power. Meanwhile, Madaras plans were this time thwarted by Yandaime. At the same time, Jaraiya just finished training the three orphans from Amegakure. When he heard of the Kyuubis attack on Konoha, he rushed back to aid Yondaime. Meanwhile, Madara once again ran off, now coming across Jaraiyas students. He remembered his promise to Rikudou and took Nagato and Yahiko under his wing willingly, but as Nagato would not leave Konan behind, he had no choice but to take her in. Nagato and Yahiko were 14 years old when he found them but they were 22 when he finished training them. Thanks to his travels with Rikudou Sennin, he was able to teach Nagato everything about the Rin'negan. After he finished training them, he once again payed a visit to Itachi. From the moment of their first visit, Itachi was acting differently. Theres no hope for this clan, he claimed. That's why he was joining Madara. Finally, he was as strong as he could get. Now Madara needed one more. He staged the legendary Uchiha Massacre. He told Itachi to be there when Sasuke sees the treagedy. Madara wanted Itachi to say he killed the Uchihas. That way Sasuke would want revenge no matter what. All Itachi had to say was that if Sasuke hoped to kill him, he better gain the Mangekyo Sharingan and Sasuke would do it because he would do anything for vengeance. He waited for 2 years before visiting Nagato to see how much progress he had made. Only now, he couldnt find Nagato. The only one he found was Yahiko who now referred to himself as Pein. Madara immediately realized this was the work of Nagato and raised his guard. But Pein just told him that its okay, he woudnt his sensei. As soon as he heard this, he realized that he had an invincible ally and an invincible pawn. If he could get more like this, he would finally have his revenge on Konoha, like the Uchiha. He talked to Pein about forming a group to "keep the world in peace." Of course, he only saw it this way.
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